terrazzo aggregates

Terrazzo aggregate sizing

Terrazzo aggregates include natural stone, abalone, glass, recycled materials and metal filings. Most materials comes in sizes 00 - 8. Sizes larger than 3 are more rare and are considered Venetian Terrazzo. Aggregate sizes and types can be mixed and matched to create endless options.
Venetian Terrazzo consists of large aggregates, typically sized #3-5 or #4-7. This classic Italian is extremely sought after and typically the most expensive. Venetian Terrazzo is being installed in various applications including exterior, residential, retail, museums and commercial settings. Interstitial areas like courtyards or commons are popular applications as well. Mosaic effects are possible by hand laying tesserae in combination with terrazzo techniques.

Online aggregate selection

Online aggregate selection

For a full selection of aggregate types and sizes, check out the Domus website.

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terrazzo with abalone shells

Terrazzo with abalone shells