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Floor Preparation

Floor Grinding Specialists

Grinding concrete is not as simple as it may seem. Production rates can vary greatly. Diamond bond needs to be carefully matched to the hardness of the concrete. The safety of our staff and other trades is dependent on the best vacuums and negative air units. We carefully match the CFM’s to the size of the unit to ensure dust is kept to a bare minimum. 

grinding concrete roof

The Right Tool 

Stone Design specializes in concrete surface preparation for the flooring industry. Our arsenal of concrete grinders and extensive experience means that we can bring the right tool to the job, get it done fast, and have backup machinery if something breaks down. Our staff is trained to WCB standards and follow all procedures for indoor air quality monitoring. We know how to deal with all types of adhesives, remove mortar and grouts and patch damaged sections with materials that bond permanently.

A clean, healthy work environment

We believe in doing our best to maintain the best possible indoor air quality while grinding floors. By using the strongest possible vacuums and negative air units, Victoria Stone Design can minimize the exposure of concrete dust and silica.

scrubber to clean air
laser grinding


  • Grinding and flattening using lasers to bring floors to tolerance. Every floor system requires a different level of flat or level, you tell us how far to go.