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We started out as a decorative company finishing our own floors. Out of necessity and interest, we got into floor preparation, levelling, restoration and the precasting of concrete. Our curiosity has led us to pursue advanced mix designs, placing techniques and the most sophisticated of tooling. All of this will benefit your projects bottom line and timeline.

Floor Grinding and Profiling

Victoria Stone Design has been grinding and polishing concrete since it became a thing. We have a museum of grinders and have seen our prototype machines start two whole companies. 

We utilize seriously heavy duty equipment that can run on single phase or three phase power. Our vacuums and negative air systems keep dust to an absolute minimum so job site are comfortable spaces.

leveling concrete floor

Floor Levelling

A flat floor is key to all the things that go on top of it. Some flooring products require the flattest of subfloors in order to prevent visible unevenness that could result in various problems. Misaligned floors are more likely to cause chips, cracks, breaks, wobbly furniture, and injured humans.

The increasingly popular wood plank tile is particularly prone to these problems as these tiles themselves are not perfectly flat. The center of wood plank tiles is higher than the ends, and when people try to genuinely replicate the look of wood by offsetting the planks, improperly leveled floors will only worsen these potentially hazardous height differences.


Our founder Nolan Mayrhofer has extensive experience with precast concrete which means, that although our focus is not precast, we can include elements of precast concrete or terrazzo into our designs. We can team up with our sister company, Szolyd Development, or take on small complimentary pieces in house to match your flooring project. Although we showcase many terrazzo counters, we are not focused on residential countertops. We do take on selective tile and counter precast related project if they are of interest to us, or part of a flooring package that needs complementary designer  elements.



Heated concrete and terrazzo floors are a luxurious option for your hard surface floor covering. Conventional underfloor heating systems use either electrical resistance elements (electric systems) or liquid flowing in pipes (hydronic systems) to heat the floor. Both types can be installed as primary heating systems or as localized floor heating for thermal comfort. Stone Design floors systems can be integrated with both hydronic and electric heating. It is not surprising that the popularity of polished concrete for residential floors has grown in conjunction with advancements of in-floor heating technology.



With over 25 years of doing business in the decorative concrete industry, Victoria Stone Design has the experience to help you on the most complex projects. Our network of partners and friends in the industry runs deep, if we don’t have the answers, we reach out. We understand that ever project may have a number of approaches, and our way is not always going to be the best. Complex projects often involve careful planning and brainstorming, strategic planning, and multiple stages of sampling. We spent the first part of our career fixing our own problems, and the latter part fixing other peoples, now we look to prevent them through proper planning and careful execution. Reach out to talk concrete with us.

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