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Concrete Consulting

Victoria Stone Design has been solving cementitious problems for over 25 years. When you push the limits, things don’t always go as planned. These forced “learning events” cause creative thinking and new innovations. There is always some level of risk when working with concrete, our experience can help you control it, and realize where your project fits on the risk spectrum. If your thinking outside the box, give us a call.

How to pull this off?

What you will get

Concrete by nature is a creative material. The exponential ways it can be used allow for complete freedom when designing homes, spaces, or products. Stone Design has made a career out of taking on the projects that others pass on. Mitigating risk, imagining possibilities, and managing expectations are our strong suites. 

baby on polished concrete floor

The dream

What is the vision

How do we get there?

How do we get there?

Develop samples and processes that fit with the schedule and budget.

crack in concrete with bandaid


Mitigating risk and managing expectations puts everyone on the same team.



Keeping a project on schedule is like pulling teeth these days. Our 25 years of experience will help you develop realistic time frames for your project.

Mix design engineering

We take mix design seriously. When producing samples we utilize pharmaceutical grade scales that are accurate up to 1/1000 of a gram. This means that when we scale up, or have to do patches, the mix should be bang on. Good enough is not in our vocabulary. Mix days mean accuracy, preparation and redundancy. Concrete mix design and admixture technology is our passion. Technology has allowed for thinner, stronger, and lighter products that have enhanced material properties. We can help pick the right formulation for your projects needs.

Placing the slab

Polished concrete floors are only as good as the slab that has been poured, the flatter the slab, the better the finish we can achieve. We work close with placer/ finisher teams to build specifications and processes that leave a flat slab, with a hard finish that polishes well.

Concrete technology changes quickly, concrete admixtures are  creating mix designs that have brought tensile and compressive strength through the roof. Often standard 32 MPA mixes are specified, when they are just not the right fit for your desired floor.

Tell us what you want, we can help you get there.