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What can’t it do

Concrete could be considered a complete fraud. It can replicate any texture, be tinted any colour, formed into any shape and encapsulate virtually any material, yet it has a distinct look of it’s own. There are so many different treatments that whole books and website are dedicated to exploring these options. We have explored with this medium for many years and don’t intend to stop any time soon. 

concrete integral colour

Concrete Colour

Integral colour is always the best way to tint concrete. Not all tints are made the same, UV stability will determine how long the colour will stay true. 

White Concrete?

It used to be much more difficult to produce a true white concrete. Today there are many more products and processes that allow us to produce a minimalist white floor for our clients. We start with a white cementitious material, add TiO2 until desired lightness, and careful process the floor with clean tools.

white polished concrete floor

Too Many Options

There are almost infinite colour options for your concrete floor.  Stone Design has been involved in over 500 concrete floor projects, we have strong sense of design and have seen what works. We will not tell you what you need, but can advise based on the experience of many projects. With colour its best to keep it simple. 90% of the time we are polishing straight grey floors (we refer to them as pumper truck grey). Concrete has aggregate, sand and cement. It is made from natural materials found in our living environment. As result, these materials tend to go with things like hardwood, metal, glass and natural stone.  

polished concrete for penthouse

How Shiny?

Concrete can be polished to a mirror finish, honed and everything in between. More shine will reflect more light, and result in energy savings. 

Logo’s or Patterns

Logo’s or patterns of any type can be etched into your polished concrete with a variety of techniques. Any image can be digitized and turned into a pattern which can be etched into your floor. 


etching in concrete floor

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