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Concrete for Renovations

When renovating an existing home, polished concrete can often modernize a dated appearance and provide a more durable surface for high traffic environments. Heating systems like Nuheat can be added to make sure that your floor feels nice on your digits.


Victoria Stone Design can install polished concrete flooring over wood or concrete substrates. Our knowledge of bond strength and membranes allow us to go over pretty much any sub floor. We use UHPC, uncoupled membranes, anti fracture membranes and various other tricks to ensure the best bond and least movement of our concrete.

wood meets concrete

Transition strips are for losers (Dave Rannala | Rannala Freeborn Construction)

Flushing up flooring heights is key when renovating one room at a time. Mixing flooring types is also popular as clients want solid surface materials in high traffic spaces and softer materials in living spaces. We  can ensure that these transitions feel and look seamless, don’t let anyone tell you to put down a transition strip.

Concrete for a bathroom reno.

Modern bathroom construction methodologies integrate waterproofing membranes to ensure your investment will last for 50+ years. Customers often want curb-less, seam-less, heated, easy to clean and slip resistant. Concrete and terrazzo can do all these things.