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Polished Concrete for New Construction

When planning a new build, it is a great time to consider integrating polished concrete floors. Hydronic heating systems can be integrated into the overall mechanical plan and the building can be engineered for stability. It is also the most cost effective way to introduce polished concrete flooring.

Base Details

Modern design seems to have done away with baseboard. It’s a great look, but takes careful planning to ensure a proper execusion. Victoria Stone Design recognizes how important floor preparation and flatness are to achieving tolerances that allow builders to pull off these minimalist details. 

grinding concrete roof

Construction Schedule

There is no one fit into a busy construction schedule. We work with your general contractor to find the best time to schedule our parts of the project. Less walls mean less edging, but also the potential for more damage to our product. Once we make a commitment to your project, we are part of the team that will see it through to the end. We understand the nature of construction, our passionate team will do our absolute best to keep your project on track. We encourage an early working relationship to develop colour samples, establish a budget and schedule the work. See more on our consulting page.