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Floor Levelling

A level subfloor will yield flooring that feels solid and lasts forever. We utilize state of the art lasers and 3D scanning equipment to map your floor and create a roadmap to moving forward. This information lets us know the high and low points, giving us all the information and taking the guess work out of the equation. 


Well-placed concrete poured without the assistance of a laser screed typically has a variation in flatness of ⅜”, and sometimes ½”, over a 10’ or 12’ expanse. Self-leveling overlays can eliminate this deviation, whatever the cause, without tearing out and re-pouring the existing concrete slab. What this means is much less noise, debris, disruption and expense for a flooring project, as well as a final floor that doesn’t have visible low-lying areas, known as “bird baths”.

What is the tolerance?

A flat floor is key for any installation. What is the tolerance you need? Victoria Stone Design utilizes the latest in technology to scan the substrate and map out the floor to determine a path forward. Often this is a combination of concrete grinding, spot levelling and self levelling concrete. When working with self levelling products, proper preparation is key to ensure a bond to the substrate. Stone Design uses various equipment selected for each project to ensure the material gets mixed and placed in a timely manner. Anyone can flood a floor with wet material, one small problem can result in huge, costly mistakes. We have back up mixers, and back up plans.