Terrazzo floors and surfaces

Stone Design offers terrazzo floors and surfaces in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and beyond. Traditional terrazzo is simply marble chips in a concrete matrix. Other materials such as abalone shells, glass aggregate and stones can be added to utilize recycled content or provide aesthetic options. Stone Design have been working with terrazzo for 18 years, and have developed our own techniques to create traditional looking terrazzo and new visionary aesthetics.

Stone Design sources local materials whenever possible. We have sorted and crushed local glass, recycling over 50 tons of material from the local landfills. We also look to industry to utilize waste materials, we think this is the future of terrazzo floors. Utilizing local materials as the aggregates, mean that over half of the terrazzo matrix can be recycled. We use cementitious materials (concrete) in our terrazzo matrix. Concrete terrazzo has a much more natural feel than epoxy, it blends better with the stones embedded in its matrix. All types of marble chips from suppliers can be used in our concrete mix. Click here to visit Domus Supply and select marble chips

Our custom sample service provides architects, designers and contractors custom aggregate and terrazzo samples for any design need. Whether bidding on a job, searching for the perfectly matched floor, or creating patterns and design with unlimited potential, you can utilize our service for inspiration to create custom terrazzo samples.

Terrazzo repair and restoration

Stone Design utilizes our extensive range of diamond polishing equipment to completely re-finish terrazzo floors. Our in house precast studio can match any type of terrazzo brought to us.
Terrazzo is a very complicated material to repair and refurbish. Flooring laid many decades ago is often not available in standard size range terrazzo. Stone Design will match it in our studio, breaking down the size of aggregates and colour of bonding materials. With the expertise of our onsite team, our matching skills are unrivalled, and we can produce samples quickly. Over the lifespan of a terrazzo floors, walls get moved, holes are drilled for mounting and large impacts damage areas. If the areas cannot be matched, unsightly repairs can leave heritage floors looking like a disaster. We have a particularly strong track record of carrying out terrazzo repairs for heritage projects. There is some evidence of poor quality repairs having been made, and poor matching carried out. Stone Design is committed to carrying out the highest quality of repairs using our bespoke terrazzo skills. Let Stone Design bring new life to your aged floor. We carry a full line of diamond tooling to open your existing floor and remove surface discolouration and imperfections. Don't cover it up or jackhammer it out, give us a call to talk about how to bring your terrazzo surfaces back to life.

Terrazzo applications

Terrazzo can be utilized for any hard surface application. Stone design has installed terrazzo for Starbucks, the City of Vancouver, The Royal BC Museum, and many more applications. If you dream it, we can build it.
Stone Design can fabricate any size of tile out of terrazzo. The can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Thickness will vary depending on the type of aggregate used and the size of the tile.
The most popular (and obvious) use for terrazzo is floors, stairs, and the like. You’ve probably seen this everywhere, from schools to airports to stores. The durability along with the design possibilities make terrazzo the absolute best choice for floors and stair treads
Terrazzo is a great surface for islands, vanities and tables. Stone Design has installed over 100 counters for both residential and commercial projects. Tables for restaurants can utilize steel banding to avoid damage and wear.

History of terrazzo

History of terrazzo

Legend has it that terrazzo first surfaced in Italy when quarry workers took offcuts of marble home for use on their own floors. These offcuts were set into some form of mortar. No-one can put an exact date on the first terrazzo floor – but let’s assume around 600 years ago. To this day, terrazzo is still essentially marble chippings set into cement. Those first floors were rough set and uneven, but with refined polishing techniques and opportunities for bespoke colouring and flexibility in thickness, terrazzo soon became a material of choice.

Why utilize terrazzo for your hard surfaces?

Why utilize terrazzo for your hard surfaces?

Modern terrazzo brings design flexibility not available in other flooring systems. By integrating and adapting techniques from polished concrete, we have the ability to create floors once thought unimaginable. Over the years, we’ve learned never to tell a designer or architect that “it can’t be done” with terrazzo. Every time we thought terrazzo had design limitations, we were proven wrong. An unlimited color range coupled with a plethora of aggregate options from mother of pearl, to marble, to recycled glass; these are among the many advantages offered by terrazzo. Whether you’re looking for a modern monochromatic look, or an artistic piece reminiscent of classic italian mosaics, or detailed artistic work with a photographic quality, terrazzo is your canvas.

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Stone Design uses a combination of techniques to achieve our concrete terrazzo floors. We only use cementitious materials (concrete) in our terrazzo matrix, epoxy is only used as a bonding layer to concrete and wood substrates. Concrete terrazzo has a much more natural feel than epoxy, as it looks less synthetic, and lets face it, using less plastics and chemicals is always a good thing.