Patagonia Victoria

Project details:

This project was really special to me, as Patagonia is such an amazing company with an incredible story. As a climber and a surfer, Yvon Chouinard has been an inspiration in both life and business. His book, “Let My People Go Surfing” was given to me years ago, and is something that has helped to guide me in the business world. The Becky-Chouinard route in the Bugaboos has long been on my to do list, next year I am making it a priority! To cap off the experience, the team at ARYZE Developments were the general contractor. These guys are amazingly talented, always entertaining, and a absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks Matty!

The Patagonia store moved into the old Simply Human location a couple months back. I remember the heavily epoxied floor from visiting Simply Human over the years. When asked about grinding and polishing what was underneath, I optimistically said “why not”.  After removing the thick epoxy, we revealed many layers of patching, trenches and thin set leveling coats. The worst of it had to be chiseled out and patched with integrally coloured bonding material. Once patched and filled, we honed the floor to 200 grit, applied multiple layers of stain and densified the floor.

Our all star teenage labourer (my lovely daughter) was brought in at the end of the process to help with last minute touchups when desperately short on labour. We auto scrubbed the floor and applied one more coat of finish to bring what was a super rough starting point, to a pretty refined end product.

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