Marble self leveling polished concrete

Project details:

Striated natural stone with self levelling concrete

For this project, Stone Design was given complete artistic freedom to create a varigated floor that had striations similar to natural stone. Samples were produced for the client that utilized a light grey base self levelling concrete from Rapid Set and a separate material mixed with Ti02 (titanium dioxide). The two cementious materials were blended when wet to create natural striations often found in marble or limestone.

Floor preparation for overlays

When preparing for concrete overlays, substrate preparation is key. The existing slab was diamond ground and a two part epoxy was rolled out and broadcast with coarse sand until rejection. This assured a strong bond between the existing concrete and the new layer. This is the same construction methodology used in bridge deck repair where consequences of bond failure are high.

Pouring and placement

Pouring and placement

This is where the artistry of the project was interjected. Scaling up from small 12"X12" samples to full size, meant that the concrete was poured slightly thicker and in much larger quantities. Manipulating a whole floor and translating the process from small scale became a bit of a challenge. Getting the contrast was important as well, as too much would become unappealing and too little meant the grinding and polishing process would leave a surface without enough visual interest. The Stone Design team mixed the base colour as a warm light grey and smaller batches of white concrete with TiO2 (titanium di-oxide). These two colours were then manipulated with screeds and trowels to achieve the desired effect.

Polishing / finishing

Once the concrete was cured, the new self levelled concrete slab was polished, stating at 50 grit resin pads. The floor was then densified and polished all the way to 800 grit ; A final finish was applied and burnished.