Fish Floor Concrete Art

polished concrete with bronze

Project details:

This mixed media decorative concrete floor started as a concept for a waterfront home in Sydney, BC. Samantha Riche from Jenny Martin Design produced a google image which started early conversations as far as what direction to go. Stone Design proposed a mixed material floor consisting of brass, concrete, bronze and wood. The concrete resembled flowing water in shape and was contained with brass terrazzo divider strips which were bent into place. 6 different types of fish were sculpted out of modelling clay and negative molds were taken from these clay positives. Rubber knockouts were placed onto the prepped floor and fastened into correct orientation. Rapid Set self levelling concrete was poured between the brass divider strips and up to the rubber fish knockouts. Finally the cured self levelling concrete was ground /polished and left to the hardwood flooring contractor to craft a tight fit.
custom concrete fish floor

getting ready to pour self levelling concrete

grouting fish into floor

closeup of materials coming together