Polished Concrete

W hether old or new, most concrete can be polished to achieve a vast array of finishes. The minimal amount of upkeep and maintenance required with polished concrete floors provides a tremendous cost saving. No need for stripping or waxing and say goodbye to topical sealers! Imagine black-glass cast into a white floor – we’ve done it! Picture stainless steel pieces polished with a jet black matrix – check! There are unlimited opportunities for design. Whatever you decide, the result is an extremely durable and uniquely personal floor that will look great for years to come!
P olished concrete is no longer a new flooring option. It is being specified by architects, homeowners, building managers and facility operators on a regular basis. Unlike tile, linoleum, hardwood or other pre-manufactured floor coverings, polished concrete is a multi-step process that relies heavily on the installation team. Not all concrete is the same. Concrete varies depending on the prescribed application, geographical location, installation methodology and curing state. Our polishing contractors employ the skills of the trade, read the condition of the slab and choose the appropriate methodology. Our team is skilled at elucidating the needs of the customer while respecting the integrity of the material and site conditions.

    Because of the wealth of experience we bring to the table, we excel at making your vision a reality. Our strong design sense, coupled with our vast knowledge in this field, helps enable us to pull off even the most challenging projects. There are so many options for customizing a polished concrete floor, we proficiently inform each of our clients about the the world of concrete and the vast choices prior to the decision making process.  (more…)
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    Decorative line cuts can be machined into any concrete floor to create a tile pattern, or provide visual interest.  Aesthetic cuts can be used to break up inconsistencies in problematic slabs sometimes caused by glue or tile patterns of existing floor coverings.
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    Glass, specialty stone, mirror, metal, shells and many other materials can be broadcast into a freshly poured concrete slab. Once cured, these precious embedded items can be exposed by diamond grinding, then polished out to reveal hidden treasures. When combined with integral colour, speciality sand, and proper seeding techniques, there are virtually unlimited design options.
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    Stone Design consults with clients during all stages of the process to provide the best end product. Crack control should be at the top of everyones list when considering a concrete floor. When to cut, and how deep are the important factors. Our team will consult with the build team to make sure things get done right.
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    Stone Design has many years of experience grinding and prepping floors for other surfaces to be installed over top of the concrete. Whenever possible we like to use the concrete as the finished surface, but that is not always the case. We have been trained in the Ardex self levelling course and are versed in many technical applications.
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