floor prep

Stone Design specializes in concrete surface preparation for the flooring industry. Our arsenal of concrete grinders and extensive experience means that we can bring the right tool to the job, get it done fast, and have backup machinery if something breaks down. Our staff is trained to WCB standards and follow all procedures for indoor air quality monitoring. We know how to deal with all types of adhesives, remove mortar and grouts and patch damaged sections with materials that bond permanently.
Our floor prep services include:
  1. Leveling - grinding humps & using lasers to bring floors to tolerence
  2. Patch - our crews are trained to use self levelling compounds to bring floors to with tolerance
  3. SCC floors - reduce labour, less cost for bigger areas than expensive self levelling
  4. Clean - flooring surfaces of paint, oil, coatings and surface contaminants
  5. Prepare - concrete surfaces for new coatings, including vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, parquetry and stone
  6. Remove - black mastic, pressure sensitive glues, epoxies, coatings, traffic markings, asphalt tile, laitance, rust, adhesives
  7. Roughen - ramps, walkways, floors
  8. Smooth - exposed aggregate and rain damaged slabs