About Us

Stone Design has proudly achieved acknowledgment for some of the most impressive concrete floors in North America. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We are customer focused, process oriented, and technology driven. We demand integrity in all aspects of our business and value teamwork as the backbone to a successful company. We educate about the process, help with concept design, and a produce a beautiful floor that is unmatched in durability and aesthetics. We are constantly researching novel techniques and equipment to help revolutionize the process and improve the product; ensuring your floor performs to the highest standard.

Who We Are

The Stone Design Polished Concrete team includes the most experienced and passionate floor grinding and polishing specialists in the business! Our team of concrete polishing professionals have collectively polished thousands of floors, in various applications, around Canada. We polish new and existing concrete floors using state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge. We advise on finish to ensure the final product exemplifies the concept. We liaise with an integrated team of architects, builders, contractors and home-owners to create and produce exquisite products. We work with ready-mix suppliers to develop the perfect mix for the project; meeting the aesthetic and structural needs of the client. To speak with an accredited concrete specialist for information and/or a free quote, please call Nolan at 250.888.7447

History of our company

This timeline shows the critical events which helped form who we are.
  • 2014Mend Restoration comes to life.
    In the beginning...
  • 2003Precast Division started - www.szolyd.com
  • 2001Victoria Stone Design Inc
    Incorporated...and all grown up.
  • 2000 SeptFirst trade show
    First trade-show at BC Place modelling our precast concrete tables with acid stains and stenciled designs. Our first tradeshow!
  • 1996Start of our company
    Stone Design started in Kamloops, check out our first website. Our First Website
  • Polished concrete70%
  • Floor Prep20%
  • Consulting5%
  • Terrazzo refinishing5%